The Bahamas beaches are world-famous and well-deserved of the attention.  Each island has incredible beaches, some with pink sand, others with soft white sand, but each with a unique charm and beauty.  Below we have listed the best beaches in the Bahamas by island.

Bahamas Beach Guide

Paradise Island

Paradise Beach                        Paradise Beach is beautiful but much of the beach belongs to Atlantis Resort and is inaccessible to non-guests.

Cabbage Beach                       This popular beach is often crowded, which is great for people watching and meeting new people but not good if you are looking for a quiet getaway.  There are restaurants along the beach.

New Providence Island

Western Esplanade / Junkanoo Beach            This beach is just outside Nassau and is a great escape from the big-town scene.  There are restaurants and other amenities along the shore.

Caves Beach                           Caves Beach is by Nassau but is secluded from the masses, making this a nice quiet beach.

Cable Beach                            Cable Beach is a long stretch of beach with restaurants and entertainment.  There are often activities on the beach and plenty of watersports to enjoy.

Grand Bahama Island

Xanadu Beach                        This beautiful beach may be of the best on the islands.  The water is perfect for swimming even for children.  Xanadu Beach can get very busy.

The Abacos

Tahiti Beach                            This mellow and out-of-the-way beach is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic or quiet beach stroll.  Tahiti Beach doesn’t get very busy, so there is never a struggle to find enough room for your beach blanket.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island Beach             Harbour Island Beach is one of the greatest beaches in the world.  The sand is pink from the coral and the water is perfect.

Pink Sands Beach                   The beautiful pink-colored sand is only one of the charms of Pink Sands Beach.  The swimming is great and the reef close by, making snorkeling wonderful, and there are restaurants by the beach

Long Island

Cape Santa Maria Bay and Beach      Stunning views and perfect sand make this beach world-class.  The calm water makes for great swimming and snorkeling here is good.


Surfer’s Beach                        True to its name, this beach is great for surfing and is famous for the waves found here.  Surfer’s Beach is somewhat secluded and can be nice and quiet at times.

Ten Bay Beach                        Ten Bay Beach is a calm and quiet beach.  The views are breathtaking and the swimming is good.


Bimini Reef Club Beach         The water at Bimini Reef Club Beach is crystal clear and usually isn’t too busy.  The snorkeling here is good.

Blister Beach / Bimini Bay Beach      This beach is typically quiet with plenty of room to spread out.  The water is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Radio Beach 
                          Radio Beach is a popular beach with food stands and plenty of activity.  Restaurants are just steps from the beach.

Spook Hill Beach                    Spook Hill Beach has absolutely beautiful water and lovely trees offering shade from the hot sun.  This beach sees a lot of visitors during busy times, but if you time it right you could have plenty of room to yourself.

The Exumas

Saddle Cay                             Saddle Cay is a small cay with an amazing beach all around.

Stocking Island                       This cay has a beautiful beach with perfect sand and water.  The snorkeling is great and underneath the water is a whole world of caves and more for the scuba diver.

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