Bahamas transportation varies from island to island.   Some islands are so small that the best way to get around is by bicycle or golf cart, while others are large enough to need a rental car.  There is a bus on several of the islands, though service is limited, and taxis run on most of the inhabited islands.  Bahamas travel between islands is easy with many options, either by sea or by air.

Transportation in Bahamas:  Buses, Taxis, and Car Rentals.

Bahamas Bus Service

The bus in the Bahamas, known as the Jitney, runs around Nassau and on Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island.  The bus can get pricey and is unreliable, and does not run to and from the airport.

Bahamas Taxi Service

Taxis are easy to find at the airport and many hotels, or you can stand on one of the busier streets and flag one down.  Taxis operate on fixed fares, but it is still a good idea to settle on a rate before getting in, just to save yourself a surprise when you reach your destination.

Bahamas Car Rentals

There are companies with Bahamas rental cars on the larger islands; the smaller islands have no need for a car, most prefer to walk or take a more commonly-used golf cart.  For a list of Bahamas car rentals and information on driving in the Bahamas, click here.

Inter-Island Travel

It’s surprisingly easy to get from one island to the other.  There are island-hopper flights that run consistently, ferries between island ports, and boat rentals that offer the luxury of deciding when and where on your own schedule.

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