Whenever you travel to another country, it always helps to be in the know.  Bahamas travel is similar to traveling in the U.S., except for a few key differences such as driving on the left side.  To make your vacation the best it can be, here are some Bahamas travel tips.

Tips For Traveling in Bahamas.

Banks are commonly found on the main islands and more sparsely located on the smaller islands.  Typical banking hours are weekdays from 9:30 AM until 3 PM, except on Fridays when they stay open until 5 PM, though the smaller islands may have different hours.

The clothing in the Bahamas is casual while remaining tasteful, meaning no beachwear around town.  Some of the more upscale restaurants and casinos have a dress code, so don’t forget your jacket and tie or dress.

The electrical current in the Bahamas runs the same as in the US with the same type of outlets.

Medical Facilities
There are well-equipped hospitals in Nassau and Freeport, but for serious emergencies and treatments you may be flown to the U.S. for medical care.  Each island has clinics for minor medical issues.

The official currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar which is matched to the US dollar (B$1=US$1).  US currency is commonly used on every island, and major credit cards are usually accepted as well.

Passports & Immigration
For entry into the Bahamas, you will need to present a valid passport, a return or onward ticket, a birth certificate, and a form of government-issued photo ID.

Personal Safety
On the main islands there has been an increase of crime, but on the out islands crime is still rare or nonexistent.  Wherever you are staying, you should be sure to employ common sense and lock up your valuables, don’t leave personal items unattended, and be careful walking around at night (always stay in a group) to ensure your vacation is safe.  Never get into an unmarked taxi or leave your drink unattended (especially women).

Bahamas enjoys no sales tax, so shop away (and don’t forget an extra suitcase!).  There is a $15 departure tax when leaving the Bahamas, though that is usually included in the price of your airline ticket.

To place a call between the U.S. and Bahamas, dial 1, then the area code (Bahamas area code is 242), then the 7-digit phone number.

Tipping / Gratuities
When vacationing in the Bahamas, please remember to tip anyone in the service industry just as you would at home.  Sometimes a restaurant will include gratuity in the final amount, but if not, fifteen percent is good, twenty if the service was great.  Taxi drivers should be tipped the same, and bellhops should receive $1 per bag.

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