Long Island

With this many stretches of beach, it doesn’t matter what part of Long Island you stay on as long as you are here!  There are several lodging options, from luxurious resorts to private villas, and each is as wonderful as the next.

All Inclusives

Bahamas all-inclusive resorts(AI) are somewhat limited in number. Where available we have listed them first, followed by properties with meal plans(P). After that we have listed other properties in this same area so that you can have more selection.

Stella Maris Resort Club                       
AI // P              Stella Maris Resort is a serene hotel perfect for getting away from the crowds.  There is a restaurant on site, as well as a bar and a swimming pool.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort           
P                      This luxurious resort features bungalows and villas with stunning views.  On site is a restaurant and a bar and they are located on the beach.

Chez Pierre                                            
P                      Chez Pierre is an intimate resort offering cottages with lovely views.  They have a restaurant on the property, and the beach is just steps out your front door.                                                     

Gems at Paradise                                  
                        This enchanting hotel has beautiful views and is located on the beach.  The suites and condos are tastefully designed and they are close to restaurants.


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